White Mesh Slingbacks?

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  1. I have a picture of Cameron wearing them! Let me go dig it up. I think they would be perfect for summer.

  2. ooh those ARE cute! Hmm...
  3. I think they are called Mademoiselle Marchand .
  4. omg Cam looks AMAZING in that picture. I am gonna have to recreate that outfit lol

    Not a fan of white mesh, but I think white NPs would look divine
  5. Well the white yoyozeppas are sold by a seller who has been very rude to me in the past about questions, so I am not willing to drop $500 on him. Adorable white patent shoes, but horrible seller.

    I am asking about a best offer on the Marchands. If I can get them cheap enough then we will see how they look. I am not in love with them yet, so I like to haggle a bit. :smile:
  6. Actually, I wouldn't worry about that seller because I think the mesh are way cuter than the patent anyway. They just look lighter and even more summery than the patent. What I really like is that the mesh is sheer and you can see your foot through it. Because the mesh is so light, I think it would match more than the patent would. You could wear any pale colored summer dress with it. The patent are pretty too, but they look a bit more stark/harsh. If you can get a good deal on the mesh, go for it. And yes, Cam looks fab in them!
  7. I agree. Choose the Marchand over the Yoyo Zeppa. :tup: