White medium or jumbo flap?


Which size flap in caviar white?

  1. Medium Classic

  2. Jumbo

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  1. I would really love to get a white flap before the increase. I have been staring at my jumbo and medium flaps and I still can't decide which one I like better. I'm 5'3, which one would you pick in white?
  2. I picked white jumbo because I have one and I love it. If you can pull off a jumbo, and clearly you can because you have one, then I'd suggest a jumbo. Of course it all depends on what you want it for. Its good for every day, but if you wanted something for evenings or to go with summer dresses, I'd say medium (or just get a white caviar clutch for that ) Ok, im not much help here am I. LOL.
  3. I say go with the med/large in white, especially if you already have a jumbo. The white is so pretty to dress up or down and I just feel like the smaller size is better to dress up with.... more versatile......and not that I particularly like Paris or strive to dress like her..... but I saw a picture of her carrying a medium white flap and it really caught my eye. I was playing with the style with the madem. lock, new chain, and softer caviar and really really liked it, I'm going to get a brown pst, but the flap was soooo sweet......the pst is just the right bag for me right now.....
  4. i say jumbo... i'm 5'4" and lovin my jumbo :p
  5. Lola, the PST in brown is really pretty. I acutally got one in the mail last month and had to return it because there was a huge crease in the leather on the back, it looked like it was the display model and defective too. Where are you getting yours from? I still keep thinking about it, it's a great choice! Too bad the summer is ending and here in NY and I won't be able to use my white flap too much until next year!
  6. I also say jumbo. I have the jumbo in black and I love the size. I am 5'2. I am fairly new in the tPF world and the computer world too. LOL
    Please, what does the initials PST, GST and a few other "short" initials mean? I am sorry if I am in the wrong forum, I hope to showcase my collection as soon as my son helps me...hehehe
  7. I'd vote for a Jumbo. Like Luccibag said, if you could pull a Jumbo, then you should get a Jumbo.... I found the Jumbo to be very versatile, great for everyday use, and loving every minute of it.
  8. I voted for the medium because that's what I have BUT i have been toying with the idea of exchanging it for a jumbo. Of all the pros and cons I have gone through, I will keep the medium because it is more dressy and I want to wear it at night. I have enough totes that hold the same amount as a jumbo so I figured they will do for now.
  9. I vote for jumbo as well. I have the white caviar jumbo w/the old chain and it's such a beautiful bag. I'm about 5'3 barefoot. I shorten the strap length by tying a bow on the inside. The strap length really makes a difference in how the bag looks. G'luck w/your decision!
  10. Without a doubt I say JUMBO.

    It can be dressed up or down beautifully
  11. For white I prefer smaller bags (e/w or medium). The smaller size would be an easy transition from daytime to evening as well. Perhaps an e/w (although I don't know if they make white e/w anymore).

    In any event, out of the two options, I'd go for the medium. ;)
  12. I'm getting my PST from Saks in Balacynwd PA, I met an SA there that's really great, he had one on hold for me that I had in my hands a few weeks ago and then got a brand brand new one in so put that one on hold for me instead (for electronic gift card event), hopefully it looks even better then the one on display because I thought that one looked great but I'm not going to stress about it:p I have a white PST as well and have been using it for most of the summer, it's just working so well for me, the size is great and the straps are comfy, I LOVE the flaps but the chain starts to hurt my shoulder so with the PST's I get the best of both worlds, chain and comfort. I would love another flap one day though...... I'm actually not too far from NY, hear ya on the white, as much as I want to feel like I can wear white around here year round, the chanel white is just soooooo stark white, I'll do it until October maybe but then my wardrobe starts to change so much that white doesn't even work with what I'm wearing, this was my first white bag though and I totally wouldn't trade it, it's sooooo much fun having a white bag!!
  13. Jumbo for sure unless you don't carry much - then the medium/large is also nice.
  14. Lola24, perhaps in the winter the stark white would work well as a "winter white"? I guess I'm lucky because I live in Florida when white is appropriate all year 'round (we really don't get a chance of seasonal clothing here which is a kinda a bummer for those of us who love changing styles).
  15. ^^ I know you're lucky in Florida, I'm ok with wearing white as long as it goes with my clothes.....in recent years it's not getting cold in the East Coast NJ until like later December....once I start wearing my sweaters and stuff my clothes just don't go well with white, I have a great creamy white Chloe bag and some other colors that are fine for the winter but the stark white is still a little hard to pull off with the winter clothes and boot KWIM.