white medium muse

  1. is the white medium muse still available on the market? does anyone know?
  2. I believe so. The last time I saw it was at YSL boutique in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, California).
  3. Yes. I saw it both in patent leather and regular leather at the YSL boutique in SF today.
  4. *bump!*

    I'm a complete YSL newbie, but yesterday while I was at Nordstrom I fell in love with the white Muse. Unfortunately, they only had it in Large, and I'd really like a Medium! Could you please help me and tell me where's the best place to find it right now?

    Thank you so much!! I really appreciate any help!
  5. Call a YSL boutique. They can do a stock search for you
  6. ^ Thanks, fduff!
  7. I've seen the white Muse at both the Chicago and Vegas boutiques. I really fell in love with the white too, however in the end, I decided to go with a darker color because I heard a lot of complaints about how difficult it was to keep this purse clean. Good luck!
  8. So it looks like the best way to find a bag is to call around - duly noted, and thank you for your response, ludbag! I wish I could buy it now, but I promised myself 2009 would be a financially responsible year - and I'm going to save up a bit first, then make calls around the country. :graucho: Are medium white Muses HTF?

    I've been doing my research about the white ivory color, and it is a shame that it gets dirty more easily than the other colors. But it's a risk I'm willing to take - I love white bags!
  9. White is a classic color and most stores will be able to track one down for you.

    They are hard to take care of though... you may want to pretreat the bag with Apple guard stain repellent before carrying it out. Try not to carry it when wearing jeans, because the denim color will rub on to the bag.
  10. ^ Good to know, bubbleloba! Thank you for the tips. :flowers:
  11. Originally I wanted a medium white as well, but I ended up getting the O/S. Good luck with your search! I also loved the way the bag looked so much in the white, I ignored my better judgment and went for it.
  12. ^ LOL that's a big difference! What made you change your mind, jellybebe?

    I love it in white, too - it's perfect in that color!
  13. ^ I have to admit that this forum probably influenced my decision a lot! I looked at tons of pics of celebs and the O/S just looked so pretty, plus someone here said that it was the "iconic" size that showcased the style the best, and I was sold!
  14. Just be sure to try the medium size on your arm or shoulder. I just got the Large b/c the medium was a little small for me.
  15. I totally understand - this forum is very influential. And by that I mean I've noticed how expensive it is to be on this forum. :sweatdrop: