White Medium Bulga

  1. :yes: Does anyone know where I can buy a white or a banana coloured bag online? cheers. Also, does anyone know how to clean these bags?
  2. www.bluebee.com -- they have the new stud tote, large stud tote, and stud handle bags in banana...
  3. Maisygrrl, that link just goes to a blog -is that right? I don't see anything about bags for sale?
  4. www.bluebeeonline.com is the website. I think NM.com also had some Bulga's on sale... Look at each purse since the Banana is often a second color choice....
  5. thanks. but none of these post to the UK.
  6. What about www.activeendeavors.com? Not sure if they post to the UK. Good luck! I just purchased a Bulga from Nordstrom last week, in chocolate, and love it. I don't think Nordstrom has them online, but it's might be worth it to call a store and see. I'm in the Washington, DC area, and the particular branch that has them is located at Tyson's Corner, VA: (703) 761-1121.