white medallion tote, anyone seen one recently at NM?

  1. I'm looking to buy a white medallion tote with silver hardware today. Let me know if anyone has seen one at NM. I need to buy it from NM because I have a credit balance there.
  2. There was 1 at NM Newport Beach on Friday. Call 949-759-1900 x2144, ask for Nicolai and tell him it's on hold under Lynn.
  4. No, I put it on hold for any last minute tPF'er! I got PLENTY of classics this past week. Hehe. Go for it!
  5. There was a white medallion tote at the Charlotte NC Neiman's about 2 weeks ago. They also had a white GST. I can't remember what color the hardware was. You can call and ask for Natasha.
  6. there's a white one at NM Houston Galleria..just called this morning and she still has it..good luck!