White MC Wapity

  1. So, I've recently been lusting after a cute clutch type bag. I've also grown increasingly fond of the white MC...so when I found the Wapity...it was love at first sight! However, after I looked at the dimensions, I'm pretty unsure. According to eLux, the Wapity measures 4.3 x 3 x 1.7 inches. My BlackBerry measures 4.2 x 2.2 x .08 inches. That seems like a pretty (actually...REALLY) tight squeeze! I'd want to put my BlackBerry, some credit cards, and some cash in there. Do y'all think I can fit that stuff in there reasonably, or should I look for a bigger bag? Any suggestions?

    By the way, I decided to attatch a picture of my BB in case any of y'all have it (or one similar). If y'all do, and happen to have a Wapity (that would be too great, wouldn't it?), would you mind stuffing it in there and letting me know?
  2. I think you should get something a little bigger. If you stuff the Wapity, it will be a pain to get things in and out of there.
  3. Hmm. I think my hubby has that blackberry and I will see when he gets here. I know my sk3 doesn't fit in there but it's long!
  4. Yes, this is probably a better suggestion!! :yes:
  5. i agree.......
    get something a little bigger,
    maybe a mini pochette......
  6. Ahh, all of you are right. It was just so perfect...until I realized that my phone is about the same size... :cry: I hate getting so set on bags, thinking they're perfect, and then they go and break my heart! haha
  7. ^^agree with blu77...maybe the MC pochette would suit ur needs better...u can use it as a clutch or shoulder bag...
  8. Mini Pochette perhaps?
  9. Maybe the new azur if you want something light?
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