white MC wapity color transfer?

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  1. I've been debating whether to get the wapity or not and its color as well.

    my choice is mono or white MC leaning towards MC more.

    I would like to know how easy it is for color transfer onto the white?

    i have a damier speedy and will put the wapity inside so will the red get onto the white surface?


    (still debating)
  2. rarely would a color transfer happen. only time i've seen color transfer on multicolor is when defective glue was used but this shouldn't be a problem now if you're buying new.
  3. ^^many thanks ummm... white it is as i do not have any MCs at all
  4. It will be OK. I have my MC white heart coin purse inside my speedy....no color transfer. I got some denim transfer on the back of my speedy azur and it came off with Dawn dishwash liquid and water.
  5. im good with all my white mc inside my ursula, no color transfer!
  6. I think a white MC is a great choice for a wapity.
  7. i have a damier speedy and white mc wapity also - no color transfer so far. i also often put in a purseket in red, which definitely doesn't cause color transfer on the wapity.
  8. I use a white MC wapity as my "bash around" wallet which I don't take any special of care. It still looks nice and white and there is no colour transfer. I do have very small amounts of rub off on some of the design on the bottom where I have scratched it with my keys.
    It's a great easy to use piece - go for it!:yes:
  9. I love the monogram one.