White MC vs Black MC


Which MC is more imitated?

  1. MC BLack

  2. MC White

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one do you think are more imitated?

    The white MC or Black?

    In my opinion I think it is the White MC. White MC has always been my favorite but when I tried it in the store, I just couldn't help looking at it and thinking "it kind of looks fake" even though it isn't. It made me sad:sad: becuase I remember loving it so much and I still do:yes: . I was just a little disppointed.
    I think it is why when I tried the black MC petit noe, it appeal to me more than the white.
  2. So sorry. I keep making this stupid mistake. I will post in the correct area.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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