White MC Speedy or Black... WHICH ONE???


White or Black MC Speedy

  1. White MC Speedy

  2. Black MC Speedy

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  1. HI.
    I have been wanting a MC speedy forever (seems like) and can not make up my mind between the White and Black one. Can I please get some votes? Thanks
  2. Black stands out more and is my fave color... good luck with the decision! ;)
  3. I like and have the black ... because I don't have to worry about the bottom getting dirty/showing dirt.
  4. Black!!!
  5. i've always thought the white looked classier, idk why really. maybe it's just because i've never seen anyone out with the black one, so i've never seen it work.
  6. I liked the white but I've always been cautious with ANY light coloured bag so I think black would be better - you wouldn't be worrying about it all the time :smile:
  7. black! so different!
  8. IMO, black looks waaaay better, white always looked cheap to me...
  9. I've always liked the white one more!
  10. I like the white one more than the black for some reason.
  11. WHITE! But then again, I'm SO into anything white these days. That aside, I think MC looks better on white. You really don't need to worry about getting it dirty because the canvas is SO low-maintenance! I'm appreciating that more and more about LV!
  12. Sorry, but I have to say BOTH!
  13. I favor black over white!
  14. !! W-H-I-T-E !!

    It makes the colours pop more, it looks younger and fresher, it's much more fun and it's more beautiful. It will also look better with patina. All of this is just my very humble opinion though....
  15. i only like the Multicolore line in white; it's so pretty and feminine. the black looks almost fluorescent