White MC speedy canvas turning yellow

  1. I just recieved a white MC speedy that I purchased off eBay. I'm 99% sure it's authentic, but I've sent pics to mypoupette just in case. Anyways, I noticed that the white canvas on the pocket is turning slightly yellow/peach. It's hardly noticeable, but it's definitely not as white as the rest of the bag. Has anyone had this happen? Should I take it into the boutique? The same thing happened to my white MC mini hl, and the boutique replaced it. I've just never heard of this problem with the speedy. Plus I live in Austin now (used to live in LA) and there's only a tiny LV inside Saks. I have the feeling they would give me a hard time compared to a large global store. What should I do? :confused1: I'm so bummed...
  2. That is a Vuitton-noted defect. I returned a Multicolor white Rift bag earlier this year to eLuxury since the front pocket on mine started to do the same thing. Unfortunately it will only get worse, since there is no way to stop it or clean it. The red lining is actually bleeding thru the canvas.
    Again, this is a defect that LV knows about and will do refunds/exchanges for as long as you have a receipt. I am not buying any more white Multicolor items since this tends to happen to the white items. It's one of those things where you don't see it, and then all of a sudden it starts happening, even if you baby your LVs. LV is apparently still researching why this is happening.
  3. I have a speedy and I haven't seen this happen before... Well, the good news is, your bag looks real to me! Did the eBay seller give you their original receipt? Maybe you could bring it in along with the bag to Saks.
  4. BTW, can you return it to the seller for a full refund? That bag is defective, and you can tell the seller that as long as they have the original store receipt, they can get it exchanged. I would go ahead and start contacting the eBay seller.
  5. so this isn't just happening on bags made from a certain timeframe it's on all MC???

    why don't they just change the colour of the interior?
  6. Wow. This is sooo good to know. One day I hope to have a white MC Speedy, but will definately be on the lookout for this with my other white MC bags...
  7. ps: I have a feeling that the red lining will bleed onto other things: ie: perle vernis... I keep that away from the red linings... use mono or black MC : helpful hint...
  8. The sad part about my Rift bag was that it was purchased last year from eLuxury in pristine condition. I kept it out of direct sunlight, have a temp/humidity controlled closet, kept it in its dustbag, and it STILL happened.
    My advice: Everyone who has White Multicolor LV check your stuff often!! It is kind of a crapshoot how this is happening, and it scares me to death that it may or may not happen to my White Multicolor Speedy 30 and White Multicolor Trouville. I am not so worried about my pochette since there are no points where the lining is sewn directly onto the canvas.
  9. Aww that's sad. I was about to say that the sides of my MC mini HL turned totally yellow and when I brought it to the LV store, they checked on it and gave me store credit for the current price of mini HL. I was happy about that since I didn't carry it much.
    But I dunno anything about speedy... do u know what year was it made? I think my mini HL was from 04.
  10. It is not due to the lining, it is the glue that was used on certain batches of white mc. It happened to the mini hl, speedy and keepall.
  11. Ugh, this really sucks.... :crybaby:I'll ask the seller if she has the receipt. I don't think she does because she has included it with auctions of her other LV bags... I didn't need a receipt when I exchanged my mini HL. Is needing a receipt a new thing?? I exchanged my mini HL about 1.5 years ago...

    btw - the date code is SP1003 = Oct/2003
  12. Does it have a 2003 date code? If you have a good SA, you don't need a receipt.
  13. Let's add the Rift to that list too:cursing: . I was told it was the lining, but the glue sounds probable as well. Anyhow, it tees me off to think about what happened to my beautiful Rift . I got credit for it and bought a Monogram Canvas Lockit bag instead (smallest size). :shame:
  14. Yep, from 2003.. I do not have an SA since I just moved to Austin. Plus I went into the store last week to try on the bag and if the SA remembers me the gig is up. hahahhaha. *sigh*
  15. OMG I hate to hear that I have several MC items, I hope this doesn't happen, so far so good!