White MC Sologne


White MC Sologne or Petit Noe

  1. White MC Petit Noe

  2. White MC Sologne

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  1. Does anyone have the MC Sologne? Please post picture if you do.
    I am trying to decide between the white MC sologne or the white MC petit noe. Which one do you think I should get and why?
  2. I have the black Sologne and I do like it but it's pretty small. That and the strap is SO long, way too long for me.
    But then, for the petite noe, I don't have it, but I don't really like the drawstring. I guess it just depends on how much space you need. Between the two, I'd go with the Sologne.
  3. i say go for the petit noe!
  4. Can you please post picutures of the Sologne? Do you have any pictures of you wearing it? If you do, will you post the pic?:yes:
  5. I like the hardware but the small size and long straps make it look like an '80's bag to me- but the Petite Noe is hands-down my fave MC bag.
  6. I love the Petite Noe!
  7. i prefer the Sologne, because you can wear it like a messenger bag. i hate the drawstring style of the Noe bags :yucky:

  8. Why don't you like the drawstring style?
  9. it reminds me of those Nike drawstring bags the football players in my college use for their shoes :lol:
  10. I only have the one picture of it on the left of my MC collection here for right now, but I'll get a better picture with it on tomorrow for you.
    I also don't really like the drawstring for the same reason..and I always have this fear that it'll break..I'm sure the leather is tough but that's just me lol. And besides that, it'd be too much of a hassle for me to get in and out of something that needs tied all the time.
  11. sologne!!! i think over time creases will form on the noe!
  12. Creases? What do you mean?:confused1:
  13. I like the sologne! I think it's a great size to fit a small-ish wallet, mobile and a few girlie accessories. The long strap makes it easier to carry.

    However, the price of the sologne - is about the same as the MC trouville, don't know why it's so expensive.
  14. sologne!
  15. Sologne.