White MC question..

  1. so I was wondering if you all think its OK to carry your white MC year-round? I live in Texas, and its not very "winter" type of weather often, but personally I carry it year-round. I just bought the white MC aurelia GM, which was pricey...so I want to carry it often. Also, does the white turn yellow after much usage? I know the white logo dooneys did, but IMO dooney's quality does not even scratch the surface compared to LV. What do you all think? TIA!! I also have the white MC speedy, pouchette,bracelet, sandals and bandeau..so I have invested alot into this line. I actually hardly ever use my black MC alma:crybaby:
  2. I think it's fine to carry it year round. Why not?! I would. I don't think the white will turn yellow...it shouldn't.
    Enjoy your fabulous bag!
  3. Shannon, Texas is a great place because of the weather to wear your gorgeous MC Aurelia GM year round! Besides it's so beautiful on you. IA the MC black Alma is a little too harsh for your light sunny deposition.
  4. I live in California and I think it is acceptable for me to wear White MC year round, although during winter when it is very foggy and rainy I don't. I wore my aurelia last weekend and I LOVE it (I have the MM):yahoo:
  5. I use my white MC bags all the time, no matter the season-just as long as it looks good with my outfit.
  6. I live in FL and I think it's fine to carry mine year round. You should be OK too !!

  7. hehhe, thanks!! so have any of you carried ur white MC often> have u noticed a color change?:s but i love love my aurelia even though on the other forum i belong to someone said it looked like a diaper bag:hysteric:
  8. I think it's ok all year round. IMO, just because the weather is gloomy doesn't mean you have to carry a drab bag ;)
  9. true dat:wlae: LOL!!
  10. Lol :lol:
  11. I'd carry it year-round :smile:
  12. I carry my mc all year round
    it's really hot and humid here and my MCs seem to be just fine....

    the yellowing on white MC happens to all bags after a while but i don't think it takes away the beauty of the bag....so enjoy!!!
  13. White MC is definitely an all year round bag in TX! I live in SA, and i didn't even get to wear my leather jacket more than once since i purchased it last year! TX weather is great for patina vachetta, hot but not humid, however not too good for lovely Vernis....:sweatdrop:
  14. White MC is just fine for Texas!
  15. I live in Texas and I think its fine to carry all year around. :love: