White MC question! or opinion rather....

  1. hello
    i have a white MC alma, but I really want a speedy too. I have been looking for a black speedy, but cannot find one within my budget at this point. :sad: This local MP seller is selling a White speedy, do you think i should get it? or wait it out? I am not sure if i really need 2 White MC purses (i have a pochette too), what would u do? i can't ask friends this, they think i am crazy for buying LV, they don't understand like you all do! :heart:
  2. i personally think white mc speedy look nicer.....
    um......do you want it in a hurry, may be you can wait for a while longer to find a good price 2nd hand...
  3. i prefer the white mc speedy over the black one, so my vote would be for you to get the white mc speedy. hehehe. but if you really want the black mc speedy, i would wait for one to pop up.
  4. I'd say go for it. I prefer White MC to Black MC anyway... and also, I'd probably get the White MC Wapity to make up a family.
  5. :p
    i just bought a black wapity the other day. :biggrin:
  6. Don't feel bad, I have the white Speedy, Alma and Pochette..I use them all, also. But really, since you've been looking for a black Speedy, I'd wait for one of those..don't settle for something you won't be totally happy with.
  7. Congrats!! :smile:
  8. Get the black multicolor speedy, you know it's what you really want anyway!
  9. I say go for the white MC Speedy. :biggrin:
  10. Get what you want, don't feel that you need to rush to make a purchase. These bags will be around for awhile.
  11. ITA. :yes:

    I personally prefer white MC so I wouldn't settle for a black one. So yea, don't settle for a white if you prefer the black. Get something that you really love!
  12. I love both the black and white. I have a black trouville and I bought in black for practical reasons - i figured it will be easier to maintain and all. But if I get a speedy, I would get in white to have both colours. I also think the speedy looks better in white, but I agree - get something you would really love. If you are going to spend this much money on a bag, you have to make sure you are going to love it to bits.

    Congrats in advance anyway!
  13. ITA, if you really want the black....wait, it will pop up before you know it!
  14. I'd wait for a black one. They will come :yes:
  15. IMO I would wait for the black since you already have the white alma! One will come along!