white MC pouchette is arrived

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  1. it was made in USA, dissappointed :sad: and i found at the end of the leather strap, there are some splits on the surface, are they normal ?

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  2. she looks just fine to me.....congrats
  3. it is from Eluxury, and there are no tags with it, last time when i got the speedy, there are two tags.

    there is a split on the surface of the strap, can not see clearly from the picture

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  4. If you're not completely happy I'd exchange it.
  5. I agree, its a lot of money to spend on something that you are only 50/50 certain about. I would do an exchange to ensure that you get cards, and no splits!! its gorgeaus tho, congrats! lol
  6. If your feeling hesitant, return it. I love it though.
  7. Its very pretty!!! I'm sure eluxury would be glad to rectify the situation for you! Congrats anyways. :biggrin:
  8. Double post. Sorry
  9. Returns & exchanges are quick too! Just give them a call beforehand so they can place another order for you & a return number, while you ship the one you have back to them. Good luck!
  10. it looks great, congrats!!!

    for me it doesn't matter where the bag is made, some models are made strictly in spain ie. Mizi so if i do mind then i wouldn't be able to live with my bag, so i don't think u should worry about it cuz afterall it's the bag that u bought not the made-in-stamp :smile:
  11. Did you buy this used ? if so you cant count on getting all those items.
    If its new i'd call up lv or elux and ask for them.

    cute bag btw!
  12. it is brand new one
  13. I'm sorry you're not happy with it, it looks pretty to me but I would exchange it if you are disappointed with it. Getting an LV item should make you happy!
  14. I wish mine was made in USA!
  15. Definitely exchange it if you're not satisfied - you did pay full price, after all! The color combo on this one is lovely, however.