white MC french purse?

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  1. hi everyone! i was just wondering if this is still available? I don't see it on the site or on elux. i really like it!
  2. It has been discontinued for a while. eLux is only place that still got it but not the white one. I was looking for the black one as well but i live in uk... eLux wont ship outside US.
  3. ^ :sad: that sucks...
    for me as well
    i guess i'll go for the alexander in white MC or a hot pink vernis fp, still pretty
    thanks for the info!
  4. Go for the FP in the new Rose Pop color ( bright barbie pink ) it's soooo :drool:
  5. Go for the Rose pop Vernis french purse!
  6. I love the MC french purse - I have both white and black. Sorry to hear it has been discontinued. They are on ebay frequently. I do love the Rose Pop fp - it's gorgeous!
  7. im glad u all like the rose pop fp! it was love at first sight for me.
    do any of you think it could be tacky or cheap looking though?
    im still deciding on this on the MC alexandra which people say can look bulky..but i don't know, i kind of like that? :yes:
  8. its discontinued?! :O

    i was planning on buying it!
  9. I can see lots of people still want to get french purse. I think LV made the wrong decision to stop making it... like mc Trouville and Priscilla as well. I ve been waiting for Priscilla to be in stock since before christmas but they just took the photos out of the official website on monday. So i called the customer service to find out, they said they just made a decision to be discontinued! :crybaby: I know you can find in eLUX but not for me in Uk (wont ship to UK) and the price of LV in US is much more expensive than buying here.
  10. I just called the LV 866 # and they still carry the French Purse in some boutiques even though indeed they have discontinued making it according to the CS. Call and ask if they can locate one for you!