White MC cell phone strap available?

  1. Or is it now discontinued and does anyone know the price, whether it has been discontinued or not. Just I have only one bought one thing off eBay and while it went amazingly, I prefer to buy from my S.A at the boutique just because I know it's new, not used etc. So if it is still available I'd rather buy from there. TIA!
  2. yep still available. :smile:
  3. yep it is. i think it was like 195 when i asked at the store about a month ago :yes:
  4. its 210 CAD. :smile:
  5. Ohh, gonna go check it out, HAWT! thanks girls!!!!
  6. Stanford had one on display on Friday if you're having trouble finding it :smile:
  7. Thanks tink! Ohh I didnt know they even made one, YAY, do they make regular mono ones as well?
  8. no. it's exclusive to MC design.
  9. ok thnx frozen!!!! :flowers:
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