White MC and AZUR questions......HELP!?!?

  1. OK so I finally got a some damier stuff to add to my mono stuff and was thinking of getting the azur when I go to Vegas in April. So my questions are:

    is the azur "white" or sorta "cream"?
    I have seen the white MC in person, is the azur the same color or different?

    Also I once had what Dooney called white in the IT barrel purse bag (the one with the different colored DB's all over it), anywho after about 2 years the "white" part started turned "yellow" and it was gross.

    Will the AZUR turn "yellow" over time, do you think?? Has the white MC turned yellow over time too??

    Also do you think it will be hard to keep the zippers clean on the azur pochette & cles? Any idea how much it cost to replace them if they get too dirty?
  2. The Azur is definitely NOT white, it is cream. The White MC is definitely more white than Azur.

    I don't think Azur will yellow, it is made from treated canvas and so should be very durable. I have heard of White MC turning yellow, but only from a bad glue defect which LV has since fixed. I think White MC would show more stains than Azur, but both seem very durable.
  3. Very good question. I am wondering about the same thing.

    Hope it doesn't change - 'cause the Azur is absolutely adorable...
  4. the dooney was made from treated canvas as well but it didn't stop it from turning yellow. :sad:
  5. My Azur is definitely a clotted cream color like *white* sandy beaches instead of stark white like detergent. It will not yellow over time!
  6. sorry, double post...:push: see below
  7. Azur has white squares but it also has beige "long dots" on it (just like regular damier) which makes it seem more yellow than MC.

    I don't think either will yellow if you take good care of it. Don't let the bags sit in the sun where the glue inside may leak and cause damage.

    Zippers will be harder to take care of cuz it's afterall made of white fabric. If you use it a lot, the hardware on the zippers will also chip:yes:
  8. Yep, the lighter squares are Cream. Like a creamy/beige color. NOT white like MC (or milk).

    A very pretty light creamy color. :yes:

    HTH! ;)
  9. the azur is definlety creme...........the mc is white-white
  10. azur is more of a cream color!