White Mc Alma Vs Black Mc Alma

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Which Alma

  1. Alma White

  2. Alma Black

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. which one do you like better and why?? i at first loved the white one but now leaning more towards black cuz ashley tisdale changed my mind:P i would love to see others thoughs:tup:
  2. I too use to want the black, but a pic of Elizebeth Hurley with the white MC Alma changed my mind.
  3. my thoughts exactly! :nogood:
  4. I have a black mc alma and it's love! I prefer the mc speedy in white though.
  5. same here i am in LOVE with the white speedy:love:
  6. i actually have seen both in person and thats what you should really go by.
    FOR ME, the black multicolor is beautiful with no patina.. in other words, right out of the store type of thing... like tisdale's. her's is rather new. I see tisdale has a thing for multicolor pieces, since she has several.
    The white, in contrast, looks amazing with or without patina. and would definitely in my opinion be named the better one out of the two.
  7. that's a tough choice...both are gorgeous...is both an option? or maybe black alma, white speedy? :graucho:

    but, if i were to choose one mc alma color i would pick white :heart:
  8. I have the black one but hate the way it looks now with its 4-year old patina...I really prefer white MC with patina, black canvas and patina just don't go well together IMO...
  9. i have the white mc alma :smile: i haven't used it yet but i take it out of its dust bag once in a while and just smile hahahaha lame i know. anyway, the colours seem to match better with white (it doesn't look as neon-y as it does on the black, IMO). i prefer the white just because summer is coming and the colours are just so darn cheerful!
  10. I prefer the black in general for the MC line.
  11. White alma, white speedy, white everything in the MC line.