White Matellic Reissue!!!

  1. Here is the picture for the white matellic reissue that some of you are dying to see! And, come share my joy! It doesnt look white but its a really beautiful color! When I first saw this bag I was like what the hack? Are you sure this is white?? But, it turns out to me light gold!!:heart: AHHHHHHHH I dont know how to post the pix!! It says that my pix is too big!!:sweatdrop:
  2. NOooo!! do you have an imaging software where you could resize your pic? try uploading to photobucket
  3. try photobucket.com, it automatically resizes for you :smile:
    or tinypic.com
  4. i hope u can sort it out so that i can finally see this white reissue!
  5. can't waite too see the pics,hope u sort it out soon
  6. Guys...I came up with a problem and I need your help so how I'm not in love with my matellic reissue!! I think its too fancy and I dont know how to wear it well. Should I exchange for a black? But, I dont like the gold chain or should I exchange for the classic flap and wait for next year reissue because I love the matt color matellic is tooooo shinning and I think its not that classic but fashion bag. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!
  7. well, we need to see it to help you decide lol ;)
  8. we need to see it then help u to decide, but so far from the only pic i found, me and my frds don't think its hard to match clothes, etc. but it also depends on ur personal style, so SHOW the pics
  9. If you don't love it, you should definitely return it... don't even bother exchanging for a reissue you don't love. That's just pointless, IMO. Wait for the color you LOVE to come along and get that. Save now, spend later.
  10. Please post pics so we can help with your decision!
  11. Okay I will post the pix but only if a TPFers can help me resize the photo because I dont know how to do it.
  12. I PM'd you, did you not get the PM miraco?
  13. I saw it today in Manchester and agree I didn't believe it was white at first. Is kind of a shiny beige. Agree that if you don't love it you should swap. I wasn't impressed but you should get one you like. If you are not sure now I think you will only regret it. It's not something you will grow to love...
  14. I ordered one today at the trunk show without seeing it in person! Now I am afraid that I may need to return it... Oh boy! :wondering
  15. percephonie ~~I did see the PM I will sent the picture to you after work!!
    Poshhoney ~~I'm not impressed with the color! when I was at Chanel boutique maybe its their lighting the bag is so pretty and light color but after I went home and try it on its a shinny olive color....the color is realli odd.....I want somthing that is more classic and in the future that I can sale it for good price but this white matellic is just not the one I waited for the whole time...