White Marks on my LVs!

  1. Has anyone else noticed that they mysteriously acquire little white scratches on their LVs? :confused1: I'm pretty sure mine got them from brushing up against walls (klutzy, I know). I'm at a total loss as how to remove them though! Does anyone have any suggestions? :shrugs:

    BTW, I apologize in advance if this is a thread in the reference library. I promise I checked...
  2. I do occasionally, I just use a baby wipe and my nail, they usually come off. I think I read someone had good luck with an eraser ???
  3. From a Cleaning LV thread
    Hope it helps...:smile:

  4. Awesome! I'm going to have to try that. I did try an eraser and sadly it didn't help. Thanks for the suggestions though!
  5. i have them too. sa said it's rubbing.
    she said go to sears and get milk, it's for shining shoes, and it will clean it up quite a bit. she has used it on a few of hers and heard of it from another sa! have not tried it yet, but have also heard of using an eraser.
  6. My DH was mortified to see those white marks all over the BH he bought me. I am going to go home and try all these tips to get em off.

  7. I had the same thing on my Manhattan and thought it was a defect. I brought it to the store and they buffed it out.

  8. So can you just bring your bag to the boutique and ask them to clean your bag?
  9. I have had excellent luck with a an eraser and some good old spit! I dab a little spit on the mark, let it sit for like 20seconds and then take an eraser to it. It has kept all of my luggage white mark free! I works!:nuts:
  10. ^^^I am glad you said this....I thought maybe I dreamnt it!