White marks on Mono Canvas...

  1. What are they - it almost looks like a scuff or paint on the bottom edge of my Neverfull? My bag is a week old! I don't know what to use to clean it, though...any ideas?

    Thank you!
  2. Try just water...I remember getting these. It will come off. I used my fingernail and just rubbed gently.
  3. maybe it it against a wall and picked up some paint? It sounds like it should rub off.
  4. the canvas may have been scratched. my speed has a little white mark and a little lue mark where it scraped against a wall.
  5. its a scratch...corner of my mono cles got scratched against the zipper of one of mj faridah ... i was heartbroken. maybe you are lucky though and its paint off a wall
  6. OMG, it came off, thank goodness! I have heard that these bags are indestructible, and I was so upset to see this - but with a damp paper towel and rubbing, it came off - must have been paint (??).

    Sorry to hear that they do get scratches!
  7. This has happened to me a few times...always comes off. Glad it came off for you!
  8. Glad to hear its paint and that it came off!!

  9. glad to hear it came off!! i use the magic eraser for scuffs and they miraculously disappear.:yes:
  10. Those white marks show up every now and again. Not sure what causes them, but they usually come right off!
  11. dont tell me the mr clean magic eraser thing?!!!!