White marks on Hunter Wellies

  1. Have you tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser??? It works wonders on patent leathers taking off those ugly scuff marks. I also use it dry on other leathers.
  2. :yahoo: So...I am so excited!

    After months of wondering how to clean my wellies I looked online and found this forum!

    I weighed all the options and decided to check the outdoor store that I work in (REI) for the UV TECH Spray by McNett. We had it for $14.95 for 16 oz. in a spray bottle. I bought it and came home to directly try it. (It does say for boats and wetsuits but also says for rubber surfaces).

    The recipe is this:
    Washcloth, UV TECH SPRAY, and a lot of elbow grease! My boots look better than they did when I bought them! Actually shiny!

    The proof is in the pics!
    Clean Wellies 002.jpg Clean Wellies 001 copy.jpg
  3. do the white marks only appear on original hunter wellies or on the high gloss ones as well?
  4. Another great advise: Use leather conditioner, it works like a charm!
  5. eHow.com

    Clean them first.
    Put 1.5 cups wine vinegar and 1 cup warm water in a bowl, mix.
    With a clean towel wipe over the boots. :graucho:
  6. As anyone actually tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on Hunter rainboots?
  7. After reading these, I just used organic PAM cooking spray with canola oil on my black Wellies and got a result similar to this ^^^I didn't want to waste my expensive olive oil... I think the key is wiping the marks off...weirdly the oil gets like absorbed by the rubber>>>let's see if it lasts!
  8. I'm still trying to decide if I want to get the matte or high gloss boots- did any of these remedies keep the bloom from coming back? Thanks!
  9. I use the clinique take the day off stuff again and it does not work as well as armor all.
  10. I got my Hunters a few months ago and was waiting for the rain to wear them, a month later when I went to put them on they were covered in that grey white film:nuts:!! I was so upset as I had not even worn them yet! So I stumbled upon this forum and read through everyones blog. I did the olive oil, the make up remover, shaving cream etc... nothing worked! I figured I was just going to have to go out of my way to buy the UV tech stuff, but then I got an idea, and I kid you not it worked!! The answer is.... The purple (Fresh Mint) Listerine Mouth Wash! Just saturate a wash cloth with it and scrub away! It is like magic! I felt like I found the cure to cancer! So of course I had to come blog this! So seriously try it! they will sparkle like new!! :yahoo:
  11. The answer is The purple (Fresh mint flavor) Listerine Mouth Wash!
  12. I've spent more time cleaning the Hunters instead of wearing them. Returning the boots in hopes of getting a replacement or refund.
  13. Try a car tire cleaner called Wet N' Black to clean dark colored boots.The boots are rubber just like a tire I used it on my fiances black boots that looked white and they now look better than new. Spray the cleaner on and rub it in very evenly do not let overspray hit the bottom of the boot they will be very slippery and try to do it outside or in the garage. Make sure you rub the product in very good. Turtle Wax makes the cleaner. All tire cleaners contain the same as hunters cleaner UV inhibitors. Repeat the cleaning if the boots are in very bad blooming stage.
  14. i just got my Huntress gloss a couple of days ago. while i love the fit and how the boot looks, i did get a little bummed because of it already having the white film, straight out of the box! now i have to figure out how to take this out before i wear it for the first time......
  15. I tried EVOO on my boots & the white marks came back. My boyfriend wiped my boots down with a wet towel first, then tried scrubbing EVOO on 'em.