White marks on Hunter Wellies

  1. I am afraid the white marks returned after a few days after I used clinique's eye makeup remover. However, on the up side, I had a small hole in the boots and Bloomingdales replaced it for free. Would you believe the new pair does not have the "blooming"?
  2. So would you all recommend ArmorAll, Olive Oil or the Clinique makeup remover?
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    I have tried olive oil and clinique and it only worked temporarily to remove the blooming which came back few days later. Neither method made it shiny. In fact, perhaps my imagination, but my black boots looked a little faded to a bluish black, and a bit dull after the scrubbing.

    I would go with the UV Tech spray that is recommended by Hunter by elimination only because the other methods did not personally work for me.

    If i could go back in time, i would not have wasted the time and energy (and good olive oil) on trying to remove the white marks.
  4. You would think being in NYC, you can find just about anything you want to buy. But I'm having the darnest time trying to find the ArmorAll or McNett UV Tech spray. I tried Home Depot, Bed Bath Beyond, and a local hardware store already. None of them have it. I think I'm going to have to order it on Amazon. I can't believe I'm ordering a cleaning product online :p
  5. Hi!
    I have a secret for cleaning my Hunter Boots!!
    I use "krafft shine wheels". I shopped it in Carrefour, in Spain. Carrefour is a big Supermarket with a section for car accesories, and it costed me about 6 € (8 dolars)
    You should try it!!
    Look at my boots now!!
  6. Moppie, try one of the scuba stores, they have it. Just google and you can stop by the one nearest you.
  7. I had blooming from last years winter season... tried soap and water many times to no avail...
    Used Armor All spray that I keep int eh car and WOW shiny new boots again!

    KatieLady... did you ever get your eBay seconds? A friend of mine is looking to get some Hunters and I was going to tell them to look there but I don't want to recommend it if the3 blooming is permanent on the seconds.
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    I just received my boots in the mail and they are covered with the white blooming marks. I just scrubbed them down with a DRY cloth and then poured olive oil on the cloth and scrubbed until they were "blooming" free. Now they look beautiful!;)
  9. To Dali 137, the boots I bought are seconds and the blooming came off with vigorous scrubbing.
  10. I bought thirds and I'm having a difficult time removing the blooming. I just bought the McNett UV Tech and can't wait to try it once it arrives.
  11. ^^let us know if the uv tech stuff works!! :smile:

    on a different note, hunter now makes the glossy version.. haha
  12. Mine had blooming marks on them so I wiped them vigorously with a dry cloth. They were fine for a day. The next day, they were completely covered in white. There is maybe one small area on each that does not have the blooming marks. Hopefully one of the methods you all recommend will work.
  13. The UV Tech removed the blooming! It still took a lot of scrubbing but it removed the wax. My boots are nice and shiney now. I bought the UV Tech on Amazon for $11. I can't wait to clean up my Ilse Jacobsen rain boots now.
  14. Just purchased 3rds from ebay. They arrived new in box, but boots looked terrible!!!! Based on other posts, I tried the following (with magnificent results): Goo Gone and McNett UV Tech spray.
    I used the Goo Gone first to take off all of the white film...it was a miracle worker, and the white blossoming came off almost immediately. Then I rinsed the boots off with warm water and dried them. Finally, I polished them up with the McNett UV Tech spray. I am SO THRILLED with how they turned out!!!! They look 1st QUALITY!!! It took me a couple of hours to do 2 pairs of boots, but TOTALLY worth my time to save a lot of money!!!