White marks on Hunter Wellies

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  1. I just wanted to let those of you who were interested that I bought the McNett UV tech cleaner and it removed all the white marks off my Hunter boots. They are nice and shiny now! Thanks businessowmen for suggesting it!!
  2. Honeybee, was it this product? Thanks!!!

  3. There was a piece on breakfast tv here in Norway a while back, where they discussed rain gear. And the stylist there recommended that you use this shine spray that is normally intended for the rubberinterior in cars. You could buy this spray in most gas stations. I haven't gotten around to try yet, but I will see if I can get a hold of that spray this week as my black hunters are really lacklustre.

  4. Yes, that is what I used.
  5. i've heard MEC (mountain equipment co-op) sells a product hunter recommends too, but i haven't had a chance to pop in and ask about it. mine look horrible too...
  6. I just got my Hunter boots about two weeks ago (today is the first day I am wearing them outside) - and my boots arrived to me with that white junk on them. I guess it's common because a lot of people on Zappos were commenting about it. But I've scrubbed & scrubbed with soap & water to no avail.

    Then I read the suggestion for olive oil, so I just tried it - and it worked like a charm! That is brilliant; fighting oil with oil. :biggrin: I think the water probably just slid right off the waxy white stuff; but the oil greased it right off!
  7. I am SO glad this thread was started! I have those white marks all over my boots too! Thanks for the solutions ladies!

    Regarding the olive oil, should I just put a dab on a cloth and then wipe? Have any of you worn the boots outside since cleaning them with the olive oil? Are they fine?

    Thanks!!! :woohoo:

  8. yeah, you can get vinvyl and leather shine sprays for cars... same as tyre shines, which'll probably work for Hunters too since they're both rubber. Just makesure the tyre shine isn't tinted black! :P
  9. i used armor all to shine mine up. worked better than hot water & soap or the uv tech spray.
  10. After receiving my black pair which were covered in marks and reading the brilliant suggestion on here of using olive oil, I thought I'd take a slightly different approach since I though there might be a chance that the olive oil would stain delicate fabrics. I took a sample of liquid Clinique Make-Up Remover (the kind that comes as part of the free gift with purchase) and a stray lonely sock from my dresser and Voila!! I'm just embarrased that I actually wore them out before polishing them!!

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  11. Thanks for sharing I plan to buy some this fall
  12. I have the same problem with my Hunter boots. I tried olive oil as suggested in this thread but it worked only for a few minutes. When the boots dried out, the white marks came out again. I just ordered Hunter UV Tech - see how this one works out.

    I'm really disappointed. I wanted a pair of nice, shiny wellies and I got one looking old and damaged and covered with this white junk :sad: Definitely not what I expected of Hunter.
  13. have actually bought some of the UV Tech and it is brilliant. I have three pairs of Hunter wellies - the original colour was so bad you could hardly see through the stains and the powder blue ones were very chalky and white. One application and they were good as new. I have since added another coupkle of coats just to build up protection. Make sure wellies are clean with a warm damp cloth, dry with a soft kitchen roll and then spray on speading with a clean cloth or as I did kitchen roll. absolutely marvellous. in fact I was so impressed I have just spent one hour joining this forum. Frustrating as it was I was determined to tell you all about it. Good luck everyone.
  14. My black Hunter wellies look just awful and soap + water didn't help so I was about to throw them away when I saw this thread! Hopefully my wellies can now be saved!
  15. I have purple ones, and I had to bring them to work today because it's supposed to rain. I'm going to try some make-up remover towel things and then do the olive oil when I get home tonight! I hope I don't have to use too much olive oil, I hate the smell!