White marks on Hunter Wellies

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  1. - From Hunter Customer Support page

    I spent about an hour trying to clean my boots with a warm, damp cloth but I still have white marks. I'm about to give up!

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

    Has anyone used UV Tech for their wellies?

    TIA :tup:
  2. my boots do the same thing! i havent tried to get the stuff off though..looking forward to seeing how yours work out!:tup:
  3. I have the same problem. I've searched for the uv tech cleaner but it seems it's only available in Europe. Has anyone tried this or does anyone know if it's available in the US?
  4. I read in a customer's review on Zappos to try washing with warm soapy water and really scrubbing it. I haven't tried it though. I have the same marks on my Hunter boots but I've seen some Hunter boots look shiny. Let me know if anyone finds a solution!
  5. When I bought mine from Martin + Osa, they used some kind of boating product on them. I will ask next time I am at the store.
  6. I found the Hunter UV Tech Boot Cleaner at this web site http://www.cheshiregunroom.com/store/ and just orderd 2 bottles. It's the only place i have found that will ship to the US. Hope to recieve it soon!
  7. Please let us know if it worked. Post before and after photos if you can!!
  8. I tried soap and water, it def did not work, i tried every kind of cloth, the marks still didn't come out, so then I decided to try a bit of olive oil and it looks brand new!
  9. OLIVE OIL?!!! Wow... how much did you use tes? TIA!
  10. i'm having the same problem with my green boots. they're covered in a white film after a few weeks in the snow.

    did the UV tech cleaner work?

    did we find out about the boat cleaner somebody had mentioned?

    how about the olive oil? i'm tempted to try and oil my boots up too...since the oil is handy...but i don't want to do any damage to the boots.
  11. I think I might have found the boat cleaner that was mentioned that was used to clean Hunter boots. It's called McNett UV Tech. I am going to go over the weekend to get some. I have not tried it yet, but it specifically is designed to restore the color for rubber wet suits and boots etc.

    I'll report back on the results!;)
  12. Oh, I'm glad someone started this- mine have been nagging me. It's not really bad but it bugs me. I saw a girl's yesterday that were so bad I got upset looking at them. A solution definately needs to be found!
  13. What store are you purchasing the uv tech from?
  14. actually I did the same as tes.. I figured that it takes oil to fight oil :smile: I didn't actually have any oil handy on me, so I thought about all the oily products I have and tried my makeup remover -- it worked like a charm! although probably not a better solution than regular cooking oil, price-wise, in the long run :P

  15. Were you able to see any improvement? Let us know!!