White Mackage Jerry

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  1. I just received the Mackage Jerry in white from Revolve Clothing!


    It's made of lambskin and so soft! Does anyone else have this jacket?

    I'm wondering if I should use a water and stain repellent, and if any kind is fine. This is the one I have:


    Does it sound ok? The jacket's so nice and white, I don't want the wrong spray to ruin it. This is my first leather jacket.

  2. i'm really not sure about the spray, but that jacket is gorgeous!! post modelling pics :biggrin:

    are all torontonians obsessed w/mackage?? lol. i just got a mackage trench from revolve not too long ago! =P
  3. I couldn't take the suspense anymore and sprayed it. Thankfully nothing happened cuz in my excitement I forgot to just try a small patch. Either the jacket came with a few minor marks or I have been careless. Not a big deal either way, I'm sure no one will scrutinize every little faint mark.

    I posted picture here!

    I only knew about Mackage since being on here and love their style. I think it's weird though that we buy Canadian products from US stores online. :smile:
  4. I love this jacket!! Did you find that this jacket stretches a bit? I have bought other leather jackets that have stretched some. Also, revolve says that this jacket is smaller in the arms/shoulders. Did you find that as well? Thanks!!!
  5. That jacket is GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  6. I haven't worn it enough times to stretch it, but I imagine it would a bit as the skin is so soft and pliable. I think the lining will keep it from stretching too much though.

    It's on the snug side but that's the style. The arm holes are on the small side but not uncomfortable for me. At first I thought the jacket's a little small for my middle, since when I zip to a particular point, it seems to ride up a bit, but I just learned not to zip it up to that point.

    For reference, I got the XS. I'm 5'0", about 100 lb, and usually wear xs/size 2.
  7. i know this is a old thread but i was looking to buy the same jacket but in black! i usually wear a xxs at aritzia..but i love this jacket and i'm not sure if the xs will fit me at all!

    just wondering if you found the jacket to be pretty tight fitting?
  8. Where did you find this jacket in black?

    the xs should fit you. I find it runs just a tad small, so it's a tiny bit tighter than ideal and I'm a xs in most cases. The Jerry fits just a tad tighter below my arm around the back than my TNA jacket in xs if that helps. That's my only item from Aritzia though.
  9. all of the aritzia's should have it in black. turns out the aritiza version is special edition made specifically for them, it doesn't have the puff sleeves like the regular jerry.

    anyways..i ended up ordering it in XXS in grey!! since it was special to aritzia..they manufactured it in grey also and in XXS for black/grey. got the last XXS in canada!

    its probably cheaper from revolve though..since there are always coupons and u "technically" don't pay tax. $621 ($550+tax) canadian from aritzia=(
  10. I didn't know they have them at Aritzia! Never been a fan of the store.

    You'll love the leather! Post modelling pics when you get it! I imagine the grey would be gorgeous!
  11. hey m.sou,

    how did you find the xxs? they just recieved new black jerry jackets at aritzia today and im at work so going to pick it up tomorrow. how did you find the xxs fit?
  12. picked up the fabulous jacket today. xxs fits like a glove:smile: now im debating if i should go back today to get the white jerry. maddog, you make it look so hot:smile: