white luxury bowler anywhere lately?

  1. Has anyone seen a white medium luxury ligne bowler anywhere recently? I want a matte white, not the patent.... Hope someone can help.:girlsigh:
  2. My SA said the patent leather white was the worst color to get because it shows every single finger print and smudge compared to the other colors.
  3. I didn't know there was a white one in matte.
  4. There was a matte some time ago. I was hoping there might be one left somewhere though.
  5. Is this the bag you are looking for? If so, I think they are gone. I bought the white flap from the luxury line last May, but I'm sure their not available anymore. I have seen the white bowler on eBay. That's probably your best bet. good luck!

  6. yeah i was going to say lets trade! hahaha luckyyy you! great price too!! i wish there was a black one!!
  7. Hope you get it, i ever saw one sold on eBay at USD1600+ (not too sure abt the exact price but definitely lower than USD2k).
  8. That is the bag that I am looking for, but the price is higher than retail. I think I'll keep checking eBay for a better deal, but thanks a bunch for the heads up.