White Legacy Slim Tote

  1. does anyone have the legacy slim tote in white. Have you used it? I have had mine for several days, but since it can not be cleaned, I have not used it yet. Maybe i should exchange it for natutal. any feedback o this?
  2. i have it, but it's sat in it's dustbag...oops. i have a tendency to not use my bags.

    i don't think you should have a problem keeping it clean if you're careful.
  3. there is a problem with color transfer from dark clothing to the white legacy leather.. at least in my opinion... you have to catch it fast in order for it to not be permanent but u have to keep checking every 2 minutes... how about the natural or the whiskey?
  4. I have the slim tote in natural and part of the reason that I chose that color (other than the fact I love it) is that the white leather scares me. I love how it looks but also have little kids and am just not in a position where I can baby a purse more than my munchkins!

    If you love the white and can take care of it, great. if not, maybe exchange it for natural.

    My SA also told me that it would soon be available in black...
  5. i got mine in natural partly because of the ink transfer...i had it happened on the ali

    and partly because for this shape, i felt the natural looked better IMO and also, i need to stop collecting white bag

    otherwise it'll be ms-white instead of ms-whitney lmao