White Legacy Shoulder or Camel Ergo Medium Hobo?

  1. I can't decide!!!! I gave up my camel ergo hobo because I JUST got the white legacy shoulder but now I kinda think I want the ergo instead but I don't know! I only tried the ergo on once and it was filled with stuffing. It was really light and I think if I stuffed it with stuff it would slouch nicely. I dunno if it holds more tho, gla I can never make up my mind I swear. ;P
  2. camel ergo, more year round use

    white is summer only
  3. What a tough decision, I personally love the Legacy! The Ergo is still growing on me. I tried it on at the boutique and it is very nice.
    If you truly don't like the Legacy take it back and get the Ergo....you need to be happy with your purchase.
    Love your avatar photo btw!
  4. I'm limiting myself because I just bought a new mini skinny and wristlet, but once Fall rolls around, I'm going to buy myself a nice bag. I was deadset on getting a Carly but I saw the camel Ergo in the boutique and fell in love with it. I love anything camel colored but the design really appeals to me. That's the only item in the Ergo line that I like. Legacy's okay (and I know everybody here loves it), but it just looks too bulky for me and I hate having to carry stuff in the crook of my arm. I like something that can go over my shoulder. I'd say go for the Ergo!
  5. Legacy ! :smile:
  6. go with legacy...i love my legacy a helluva lot more than my ergo hobo (which is going back).
  7. lol I don't know! I bet I could sell a few things on eBay like my legacy stripe wristlet and a few odds and ends and get the ergo hobo too just to wear it awhile and see how I feel.

    I guess the big desision maker will be size. Does the Medium hobo hold more then the Legacy shoulder? I wish the shoulder was the teensiest bit larger. =(
  8. Legacy all the way. LOL I actually think the white legacy is fine for year round use. It's not a true, bright white. It's very pretty.
  9. ^i wish the hobo AND the legacy were a bit bigger.

    but i think they'll hold about the same amount. i just think the legacy will be a bit more aesthetically pleasing for longer than the ergo (only because i hate the strap) ...i have the scarf print hobo and the tote in camel- the only one i'm considering keeping is the tote.
  10. Candy:

    I would keep the one you like the most. You could wear white all year round but it will be hard to keep it looking clean. I love my Ergos. The hobo in particular is very nice in the camel color. I think you will use the Camel color year round. It is a shame you can't have two bags as they are really quite different.
  11. I vote for the Legacy bag!
    But, that's because im addicted to all the Legacy items!
  12. Ditto! I also find that I'm not overly fond of the Ergo (but will admit that when I've seen others post pics of them wearing it, I like it on them!).
  13. I vote for the Legacy!
  14. I love the legacy - but I might be the only one on here that doesn't like the Ergos. Well -maybe the tote - but thats it.
  15. I vote for the Legacy as well b/c I like the style, it looks really pretty in white.