white legacy shoulder bag

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  1. I don't know about you but im very matchy matchy. Do you think that the brass/gold accents will look weird with silver jewellry ? Im saving up and this is my only concern and I really wanted ya'lls opinion ! :rolleyes:

  2. Take this from someone who matches their accessories (gold hardware on bag means no silver hardware charm on bag)...but for the most part I don't usually match my jewelry to my bag hardware. I don't wear alot of jewelry for the most part (two gold toe rings) and a gold/diamond nose stud are all I usually wear.

    Now if I am feeling particularly anal that day and wearing silver jewelry, I will switch out my nose stud. LOL.
  3. haha thats how i am !

    but i wonder if anyone will be like omg her necklace and earrings are silver while her bag has gold accents haha

    once i own it guess ill see ! haha that just makes me nervous.

    i really just want an all leather white coach bag bc im not really in the mood for c's right now i wish i could find a white patent tote that would be amazing too but it probably has gold accents as well, so maybe i should just get over it haha
  4. maybe i'm too old to care about that, but, i have gold studded/hardware bags and wear white gold and platinum jewelry...and i'm getting the legacy shoulder bag in pond and will continue to wear the jewelry!
  5. I am in love with this bag.....and actually have been going back and forth on buying it....why? because i am a silver/platinum girl all the way...i own NOTHING in gold!!

    i ended up getting another white bag w/ nickel hardware for now....but im still lusting after THAT bag....
  6. well im very even on both silver and gold so thats why im on the fence
  7. ohhMRmagazine, I had this same mild "dilemma" today. I carried out my gallery satchel and its turnlock closures are gold. I think silver jewerly worked out in the end but only in subtleness and moderation.
  8. Ok, I must be the only person who never even considered this as an issue. Of course, I'm also weird in the fact that I LIKE mixing my metals - my wedding band is actually white and yellow gold! I mainly wear white gold/platinum jewlery and never gave a second thought to the fact that just about all my bags have brass/gold hardware. Do people really notice that?
  9. I thought about the same thing when I purchased my Legacy pieces (can I wear silver jewelry). I ended up purchasing a combination of silver and gold jewelry to compliment when I'm carrying bags with gold or silver hardware.
  10. I just think im partial to silver for everything. I dont even have anything gold in my home, as far as anything "metal" goes.

    I just dont like gold or brass. So that is my issue. LOL

    But I am in love with that bag, and will more then likely cave. LOl!
  11. I think considering its a rubbed brass, you have a lot more leeway than full on gold would give you. I think it would totally work with silver earrings and jewelry, it would look fresh.

    If the harware was gold though, I would be saying copper and yellow gold only.

    It's an adorable bag!
  12. It's a personal preference. Mixing metals doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother Coach either . . . Nickel Legacy Charms are hung on Legacy Brass. It seems that Charms and Key rings all have nickel hardware.:yes:
  13. well all of you have convinced me; i have to have that bag !
  14. i think it will be fine..i wear only sterling silver and white gold..and i have the whiskey shoulder and it does not bother me but its really your own opinion about it!
  15. I think that since metallics are pretty much neutrals that you can mix them. I never worry about it myself as long as they complement one another. That bag is gorgeous and everyone will be so awed by it that they won't notice if you have silver jewelry on. If they do and say something negative then they're just jealous! LOL!