White Legacy leather

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  1. Hi all. I know that there was a thread earlier about the white leather Coach bags. So far, it seems like most people who posted thought that their white leather bags were holding up pretty well. Is there anyone who has had a problem with the white Legacy leather? Does it scratch (and show the scratches) just as easily as the whiskey leather? For the next collection, I was eyeing the Legacy slim line tote in white leather, but since you cannot use the cleaner or moisturizer on this line, I was wondering what you all do when you dirty this particular leather in white?
  2. I had a white bag a few years ago when they first came out. I was so afraid of hurting it, but nothing ever happened at all. It still looks great. I bought the white 2-pocket satchel and have been carrying it for a couple of weeks. No problems either. I dropped it in a mud puddle, and I just wiped it clean. I like my bags to look worn in, and it's not happening fast enough!!
  3. You bought the white legacy satchel???????? I ordered that...has not arrived yet...do you love yours?
  4. Well I bought the 2-pocket shoulder satchel. I get confused with all the names. I really really like it, but it needs to soften up!! It's a comfortable, cute, go-with-everything bag!! You'll like it, and don't worry about it getting dirty. The only thing I'm careful with on that is lipstick.
  5. I bought a NWT white legacy bag (last years model) on Ebay. I love it! It looks really cute with the striped legacy ponytail scarf. :love:
  6. Oops, forgot my picture.

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