White Legacy Bags

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  1. Hi Everyone - Does anyone have the white leather legacy bags? I am still trying to narrow down my extensive list of things to buy... Today at the Coach store I tried on the Legacy zip top white leather - LOVE IT - but I was thinking the white is almost an off-white which is fine, but I was looking for a bag that would go perfect with true white that I can use when I am wearing white in the summer. Does anyone have this bag in this color? Am I correct or maybe it was just the lighting?
  2. You are correct. I have the legacy satchel in white and although it appears white online it is really off white ever so slightly. I also have the gallery dot tote in white (a true white) and I just put them side by side to compare and honestly they are maybe a shade or two off. When comparing them together...the legacy does not come across as a bone or winter white. I believe you could get away with the legacy white as a true white in the summertime. I plan on using it during the summer too.
  3. [​IMG]

    Here's my Legacy stuff, it is a little off white, but like HOH mentioned, it's just ever so slightly off-white. But not as off-white as the parchment or angora colors.

    I'm old school and only will use this in the spring and summer.
  4. Thank you both! I love the bag and since the zip top does not come in the pond, if I get it I will probably get the white. I'll have to decide soon because if I order it I want to get it with my PCE discount. ;)
  5. I have a white legacy wristlet and actually think it's great year around because of that "aged" look
  6. Question for all you white legacy bag owners - Is the white legacy leather hard to keep clean, or does it get dirty often? And if it does get dirty, how do you clean the white legacy leather? I've had different SAs tell me different things. Some have told me that you can use the Coach cleaner on the white legacy leather. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I have the Legacy White Ali Bag. You should not use Coach Cleaner on the Legacy Bags. My bag does get dirty sometimes and when it does I just clean it with a baby wipe. It comes back looking good.
  8. I just ordered a Legacy Leather Hippie bag today at my local Coach store in White. The best way I can describe the color is that it is a "vintage" shade of white. I think that it would be quite complimentary with a white summer outfit. It's not as white as the Hamptons Pebbled bags (and definitely not as white as the Hamptons Weekend totes), but as krispin41 mentioned, it's not as dark as a parchment shade either. Personally, I don't care for glaring white, so I think this shade of white is perfect. I would probably use it year-round.

    Also, the SA did tell me today not to use the Coach Cleaners on the Legacy leather, but just to wipe away dirt with a damp cloth.
  9. I rotate bags frequently so mine hasn't gotten dirty. I do baby it like my vachetta pieces though.