white leathers?

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  1. I know - I should know this......

    what leathers come in white?


    I'm after a white 28 sellier kelly. I need a sturdy leather. What would you recommend?
  2. GF, white also comes in Epsom, which is quite sturdy.
  3. White boxcalf hasn't been done in a while. NYC has a clemence/toile 32cm retourne with palladium and immediately thought of you.
  4. g'day love! I'm glad when you see that combo I come to mind! Like when I see ANYTHING black here in Sydney in a SEA of colour, I think fondly of my HG.........

    I don't think I'd like an Epsom Kelly, O........would Togo be my best bet? I love Swift, hmmm.......

    anyway, I have a while to think, they've stopped taking orders for this coming Podium. (thank GOD!).
  5. mmmmmm.....White in Swift would be lovely....or Chamonix, K. What about Chamonix?
  6. mmmmm.....chamonix......you might be onto something, D.......

    does vache liagee come in white?
  7. no sorry :sad:
  8. i was told that white only comes in epsom and clemence now. I've got both and I recommend epsom. For some reason white in clemence feels chulky.
  9. GF, IN BOOOOX! That must be TDF! :drool: (why am I so in love with box? what's my problem?)

    Tuleh, I have never heard that chalky thing issue, I am so sorry, a sloutchy white t.clémence kelly in white was one of my next on the list...:sad:
  10. I've been drooling over the white bolide I've seen around...yummy!
  11. GF, don't know enough about the leathers... just thought I'd throw in my 2c I like harder leather for smaller bags, gives them stature. The larger the bag, the softer the leather, to give them a luxury quality.

    Trama, I've seen pics of a soft 35cm white clemence Kelly... it was TDF!! I can see cradling a Kelly like that in my arm!
  12. I love white Clemence but it is more of a casual look. Saw a 28cm in this leather in retourne and it was gorgeeeeee!

    How about a white Clemence Sellier 28cm?
  13. I know you might not like epsom, but white epsom is quite gorgeous and easy to clean.
  14. I have to say, in white, epsom is my choice, then togo if I saw it as a choice. I would be worried that in box calf, the marks and stains on white would be more obvious!
  15. alrighty.....gotta look into epsom......

    I was thinking of SOing an etoupe Kelly with pink lining and pink stitching......gotta wait a few years, though........