White leather

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  1. Who well does the white leather stand up? Does it discolor? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:
  2. depends on the leather.
    White lambskin? VERY delicate IMO.
    White caviar? Easy to maintain and durable.
    White calfskin? Depends, usually relatively easy to take care of as long as you aren't too hard on bags.
  3. all white bags (lamb/patent/caviar) will transfer color easily,
    white caviar can remove most color transfers,
    lambskin attracts dirt even when your not carrying it but if you like white I'ld go for it,
    aged lambskin, distressed, calf are relatively easy to care for,
    keep in mind white leathers bags will most likely yellow with time and use (not a few years but maybe 10 years + later)