white leather

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  1. how many have purchased the white leather and regretted it? from what i have heard the whiskey is the better choice because it does not show the dirt so i was just curious. i love both.
  2. I got the whiskey bag for my legacy. But I have a winter white leather hobo and it has held up well, I got a pen mark on it but got to it in time with a shout wipe and you can't tell it was ever there.
  3. I have the white legacy shoulder bag & wore it out for 3 days & nothing happened to it at all. I've also babied it. But in another thread a member said she has the white too & it dropped in a mud puddle (or something close to that) & all she did was wipe it & it came right off, it didn't stain or anything. But I wouldn't recommend doing that though.
  4. First off, I LOOOOVE the whiskey. yum.. :biggrin:

    I have a legacy bag from the first time around in white and it does yellow a bit. I saw someone's bag where it was VERY yellowed, but I think they used it every day. I'm not sure if this problem was fixed in the new batch of lecacy (I think one of the SA's said it had?).
  5. I think both the white and the black Legacy leather doesn't show scratches as much as the whiskey. I actually hate the whiskey color (I'm probably the only one though) and I NEVER owned a white bag until I fell in love with the Legacy white leather.
  6. Krispin, you and I are in the minority regarding the whiskey. I really like the color whiskey, but I really do not like the way it shows the scuffs and scratches. Not charming at all, in my opinion. I prefer the white and black in the legacy line. Though I got the black, for practical purposes, I do like the white very much.
  7. Another vote for not liking the whiskey. It just does not appeal to me. I bought 2 satchels, one in white and the other black signature because they looked like the would not show scratches as much. I have to be the judge on that since I still have not received my order from Coach:crybaby:
  8. Beautiful bags, High. Please post pics when you can.
  9. ^^cant wait for pics!