White Leather Wallet

  1. DOes anyone have white Leather wallet? I am watching one but I am afraid of it getting dirty easy.
  2. i do.. i got it recently.. valentines day.. mine is pure white.. not coach though.. but i have to say it gets dirty easily.. ive applied this white leather sealant on it.. and pretty much putting multiple layers.. but i think u have to be prepared to realise that it can never be super clean..
  3. I have a white leather Coach wallet that I have used almost every day for about a year and I have to say that it is surprisingly still very white! The inside has gotten a little dirty, but I am very surprised how well the white leather has held up considering how much I have used this wallet! :tup:
  4. I have a Soho white leather french style wallet that I got back in September '07 and I used it everyday since then, and it is still white! White leather holds up surprisingly well IMO. I have the matching Soho bag in the same white leather and that still looks great. AND, I am not all that careful with my stuff either, so that tells you something about the high quaility and durability of the leather. I say go for it!