White Leather Hobo

  1. Sorry for cross-posting, but looking for a solution ... I bought a white leather Coach Hobo bag off of eBay this week for a graduation gift this weekend.

    The bag appears to be new with tags as advertised except one side of the bag and the strap have a slight yellow fading. Not sure if it's just the nature of the leather, if it sat under flourescent lights, or a sun light window, over time or not.

    Is there anything I can do to remove the yellow?

    The seller didn't mention the yellowing in her eBay ad unfortunately or I would not have chose it of course -- but she did say they would refund back the purchase price when/if I return the purse after notifying her of the discoloration. Of course, this puts me in a disappointing position as I had intended the gift for this weekend.

    Hopefully, someone has an idea how to fix the yellowing?


  2. The only things I can suggest are Coach's leather cleaner or possibly a tide pen or magic eraser, but I make no guarantees. I'm not sure it will help this discoloration you speak of; I'd have to actually see the bag. But it's worth a shot. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!