White leather... hard to keep clean?

  1. I am thinking of a white leather coach purse but i wear alot of black.. will my clothes rub off onto the white leather? i never had any other color but black leather and of course you can not see any rub offs on that. Any opinions on this?

    thanks in advance.
  2. I have a winter white coach purse and it definitely gets dirty if you're not careful. I haven't had any issues with clothing dye rubbing off on it though.
  3. I have the parchment Carly and a dark jacket and so far, so good. I don't wear the bag every day though (and I protected the Carly b/c I was afraid it would get dirty).

    I would assume with all light color leather/suede, there's a chance it will get dirty.
  4. depends on the type of leather!

    this is the only way i know how to explain it.

    i have the polka dot gallery tote. wear it with all my clothes, including my fave pair of denim jeans (i have two of the exact wash in this style) and the colors don't rub off. the bag has been kept up pretty well to and i ride the bus!

    the legacy bags, which is not made with regular ol' leather that polka dot is made of, that one i have to be careful, the jeans will rub off and the leather, this one vegatable oil tanned vachetta *i get a lot of different, info, from managers as well as TOT* will absorb it.

    if the leather can be cleaned and moisturized like the polka dot, you'll be fine.

    if it cannot, i would be cautious. truly. with white, like suede, is not meant for an everyday bag.

    only people who are obessed with white, like me, who wear it everyday :smile:
  5. Yeah the one i am interested in is a small soho flap with that butter soft leather. It looks so nice but i might be afraid to wear it due to possible rubs.

    for those who posted thanks for your insights
  6. :yes: I saw a white legacy bag that someone obviously used daily that was YELLOW. craziness. I don't use mine as an everyday bag, so it's held up okay.
  7. I have last years white soho tote. It is still in perfect condition and I used it a majority of the time last summer. I don't baby it and I have no problem keeping it clean. Just buy the conditioner and cleaner when you buy the bag.

    Let me round up before and after pictures, I know I took some when I first got it and also just a week or two ago.
  8. The day I first got it, fresh from the factory

    After 1 year

    I just conditioned it when i first got it and spot cleaned it with the cleaner maybe 2 or 3 times. I must have worn this for a combined 4 months.
  9. ^^^ I love the little flip flop charm on your bag - so cute and it looks so nice on the bag! The bag looks great too - nice to hear you haven't had a problem keeping it looking so new!
  10. Oh wow Kari, doesnt even look used. hey can you fit that bag on your shoulder?
  11. Yep I can carry it on my shoulder comfortably.