White leather coco cabas sighting...

  1. at SCP 714 754 7455 ask for yoshiko. They also had white "outdoor" doctor's bag, white outdoor hobo small and large (the football shaped bag) navy outdoor hobo small and large, cloudy bundle doctors bag, bordeaux pony hair flap, a ton of the vintage leather line like the sqaure box etc, and lots of vinyl and black leather coco cabas. Oh, also the brown modern chain large tote and brown modern chain hobo. The hobo is stunning, I'm on the wait list for the red and white.
  2. thanks for the update. what was the leather like on the modern chain?
  3. It depends on the color. I didn't like it in the brown but loved it in the white and my SA said the red is gorgeous also. It's kind of like the outdoor ligne leather but not as "rough" looking. It's a little distressed but not so much that every little scratch shows for example on the outdoor ligne. It's a little grainy and dull and the white is beautiful, my SA showed me the white leather on another bag.
  4. Did you happen to see the black? I am on the list for the black but I am hoping it is not too distressed since I already have the diamond stitch tote.
    Thanks so much for the info.
  5. I didn't see the black, but I did purchase the grey and it is quite distressed. :yes:

  6. Yes, I saw the black in both the large and the small and they also have the large vinyl as well.