White leather bags: yellow with age?

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  1. Does anyone has any experiences with white leather bags? I read that some, like the chanel 2.55 turn yellow with age. I am contemplating on a white ferragamo leather bag if it doesn't come in black, but wonder how long a lifeline it will have before it starts turning yellow!
  2. i want to know about that too, since i might be buying a white bag soon.
  3. I know with white linens, (I have some antique linens) the advice is to wrap in "acid free paper" to prevent yellowing. I have no idea if this would work for leather bags.
  4. thanks pseub. does anyone have a white leather bag which they have for a couple of years and not turn yellow yet?
  5. I have a white pebble leather Prada that is a couple of years old and it is gorgeous, like new..
  6. Keep it in the Dust bag if it comes, so as not to get too much light when now using. It's a Ferraguamo so for sure it'll have a dust bag. That definately extendes the life and colour of the bag.
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