White leather bag dilemma

  1. I'm asking for your help and knowledge again.
    I gonna get a new white spring/summer bag for everyday use; my budget is up to $1.5 so I can afford something high-end.
    Because of white color I think that a quality of leather is very important.
    For that money I hope to get a sturdy bag that will hold up well, dont scratch much, etc., etc. Right now candidates are Balenciaga city and Chloe Edith messenger.

    Yesterday I saw a beautiful white bag by Anna Corinna at Bloomingdales, this model but in white color.


    Leather was very soft and soo nice to touch (I bought AC city tote once and returned it because of thin dry leather; but this bag is a completely different!). But I still think that it may get dirty and scratchy relatively soon and I don't want to start my white bag quest again.

    So, the main question is: in general, does a bag that costs around $1000 have a much better leather quality than a bag which costs $400? Shoud I get a more expensive bag and I worry less about tear and wear?

    Thanks for your opinion!
  2. Even though I try to keep them clean, I'm pretty clumsy with my bags...so I wouldn't pay a lot for a white bag. I just know there's no way I could keep my investment, and I'd be worried about it constantly. But that's just me.

    There are really nice leather bags for under $500. You might try Hayden-Harnett (yummy leather), Cole Haan, or a search at Zappos to get you started.
  3. I think you should make sure to try on the bags you like in a store before you buy. I've been surprised at the quality of some of the $1,000+ bags I saw online. And I think if you're spending that much money, the bag should be great quality leather. I wouldn't spend more than $500 on a white bag because it's not something I could wear year round.
  4. ^^I agree. I have a white Furla bag which had darkened in the handles. I cleaned it with baby wipes and it came perfect, so don't worry too much about white leather, although you must take more care than other colours.
  5. Bags don't repel dirt just because they are expensive. The chanel white lambskin is great leather but picks up dirt quickly. My rule is to not spend too much on my white bags so I don't worry about them.
  6. I don't think the cost has much to do with it...you might have better luck with a fake leather - vinyl bag when it comes to dirt and stains, that particular material can be subjected to more cleaning products than leather KWIM?

    I have high end (chloe) in light color and they do not particularly have better color or stain repelling qualities vs. my ivory Kooba sienna...
  7. I just don't think I would invest a lot of money in a white bag, as pretty as they are. Too hard to keep clean.
  8. Hmm, I'm a bit surprised. I always thought that hi quality leather gets a special treatment to make it more stain resistant. Isn't it true?
  9. I think the more expensive a bag is, the more time spent in making it was, and the better quality it is. I would think that a $1000 bag would be stain resistant, but if it doesn't specify, then I wouldn't spend that much on it, b/c white bags are too hard to keep clean.
  10. I agree.
  11. I am also dealing with this. I want a white bag but I am afraid to spend alot of money on it. I am careful with my bags but worry what might happen to a white bag.

    I keep thinking, maybe, I'll get an inexpensive white bag to see how well I can take care of it. Then, maybe move on.

    I really want the Chanel White GST with silver hardware. That's $1750.
  12. I had inexpensive (relatively, about $300) white bag which got covered with black marks in one year of using. Now I'm thinking of inversting more money to get a better quality.
  13. Ive found the key to keeping a white bag white is not to use it to death. give it a rest. Get a couple and swap them out.