White Leather, Anyone?

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  1. I've done the brown and the black. I've been thinking about rounding out what I have with a white legacy shoulder bag. :confused1: I've never had a white bag and just don't know. Black is safe. Anyone have experience with white coach leather? How about anything white in the legacy line? Thanks!
  2. I have a white signature hobo that has some leather and some suede on it. I've babied it because I'm scared of it getting dirty, but I've used it probably 10 times and it's held up really well, with no marks on it so far!
  3. Believe it or not, it was this bag that got me hooked on the white leather, I did go with the shoulder zip which is just a tad bit smaller, but OMG, it is soooo yummy.

    Prior to my addiction to Coach, I would never carry a white bag, ever, (season thing, too grandma looking) but then I saw the Poppy Line and I was a goner...

    Click on my collection link to see my other white goodies.

    I've used my bag once so far, but it will come out more when it gets warmer.

    By the way, the bag you pictured holds a TON, as is very comfy to carry...I have the khaki sig/ebony version of it. LOVE it!
  4. I love white bags even though I am worried I will always spill something on it or get it dirty. The bag you pictured is gorgeous! I would get it just be extra careful with it.
  5. the only worry i've heard about the white leather is it yellowing...
  6. I've never really considered white bags, but there are some really beautiful ones now that I've been thinking about - like the Legacy bags. That shoulder bag is a beauty in white, and I think I'd be willing to chance it!

    kallison, do you know if other Coach bags have had a proble with yellowing in the past? A cream-colored bag wouldn't bother me, but if it yellowed unevenly, then that would definitely be a problem!
  7. ^^ I've heard that the problem is with patent leather specifically...I want to know as well! it is the urban legend of white leather bags
  8. Whenever I see the legacy leather in person, it is not a true white. Kinda off white, but to the white side, than the cream. So, I don't know if yellowing would be an issue. When you see some of the old vintage coach, they still look good. Since this is the "vintage" leather, I would guess that it would age just as well.
  9. I keep looking at your set - very nice together. I have that shoulder bag I originally posted but it is in whiskey. I think it is a bit more convenient than the Ali - I like all the handy pockets.
  10. ^^^Thanks!

    As to the leather yellowing, I did notice that the earlier Legacy bags, the tote, the one they still have at the Macy's I shop at looks a bit yellower than the current Legacy bags. It did yellow evenly though, and it's a nice warm color.
  11. I had a white leather small Daypack (this is a bag from the Coach Classics collection) that I bought back in 1997, I sold it a few years ago but the leather held up very well...I didn't carry it that much, only during the Summer...but it was a very durable bag and I also took care of it so it really never got dirty and when it did I always cleaned it with the Coach Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer that I was able to buy at the Coach store...I am considering the white leather Legacy Ali bag since I have had experience with a white leather Coach bag....but I heard this leather can't be cleaned, is this really true?
  12. The girl at Coach told me that there was a yellowing problem with some of the white bags with polka dots on them. I was turned off after that even though she said that they fixed the problem. Everything white yellows after a while, no matter what it is.