White Leather Ali - Need your help - PLEASE

  1. I have been drooling over the white leather legacy ali for months now but am concerned that it will be too heavy and may get dirty very quick. Does anyone have an ali, could you all give me some insight on how heavy it is on the shoulder when full?
  2. I had an ali for a few days, twas a bit heavyish I suppose but not unreasonably so at all! If you're anal about your bags then get the white! If you're a little careless about where you put them down or something I would recommend getting it in Whiskey or Brown or Black. =)
  3. Thanks so much for the quick reply- what made you decide not to keep yours?
  4. BecauseI'm only allowed one bag at a time and I kept seeing new bags I wanted more! Right now I have hte large cotton Carly and I love it! But hopefully nothing will catch my fancy soon so I can enjoy this one a little longer. ;)
  5. I have a black Ali and I love her! So much so, that I am going to get her in brown and hopefully (later) in white! I think she is lovely and wonderful. That being said, I would not carry her on a long shopping trip or out to the bar (or any other place where you will have to hold her on your shoulder for long periods of time without reprieve). She is just too heavy for that!
  6. What amazing dicipline you are amazing.

    But me, I am off to buy my new white leather Ali on eBay - my excuse is it is over $100.00 off the coach.com price.
    Thanks again for the info. very helpful!!
  7. Yes, I just know that once I get the white I will want at least the black too. But, my reasoning is that such a heavy bag can only be used occassionally and occassional use means that I will have it and it will look nice forever. Thanks!!!
  8. Hey! did you just buy the one on the eBay a buy it now? I think it was like $324. I had it on my watch list! Too funny!
  9. I have the white ali and really love it. I don't think it's too heavy. It is heavier than a signature bag is but it doesn't bother me when I carry it. And I keep baby wipes in my bag when I carry it so if I do get dirt on it, I can quickly wipe it off. I love opening it up and seeing the stripes inside!
  10. I did! I just couldn't pass it up I've been wanting it for a long while and after finding that the canvas slim flap isn't really that wonderful bright yellow I had to get a new bag in place of it.
  11. Ah, I've been wondering about the baby wipe thing. The Pampers Sensitive are my clean all cure all these days but I was afraid to use them on my White Legacy Shoulder Tote. Is the Ali the vintage leather or smoother white leather?
  12. I had the white Ali and was lucky to find it at the outlet but I did take it back because of the seasonal thing and I am such a slob. I did however during the PCE get the khaki/white signature and have not worn it yet but love the coloring. I figure with the little khaki in it I can get maybe some additional months.
  13. I'm not 100% sure but I'd guess it's vintage. Someone else might know for sure.
  14. Yep, the Ali is done in the vintage leather - the legacy leather. :smile:

  15. Hey! Me too! I was watching it and hoping no one would buy it now!!!