white large ysl muse or white balenciaga GH hobo?

  1. which one do you guys think is hot for summer? i'm thinking of getting one of these and want to decide by tomorrow.
  2. I have an ivory Muse and I absolutely adore it. It gets my vote.
  3. bbag!
  4. hands down... BBAG!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. GH Balenciaga you can't go wrong I love the muse too but the Bbag is better IMO
  6. I love the muse!
  7. i'd go for the ysl muse bag!
  8. Bbag!!
  9. Balenciaga. Not quite a fan of the Muse.
  10. Bbag hobo would be awesome for summer.
  11. pics?
  12. I love both of these bags so I am no help at all.
  13. Definitely the Bbag
  14. I vote for the Bbag too!
  15. this is a tough decision....hmm...i feel like for the summer you would be wearing a lot of sundresses and shorts and what not...and for those outfits, i think the balenciaga is a better choice. the large muse is a bit big and may overpower your outfits and might be more difficult to coordinate into your outfits, kwim?