White large Rive Gauche - keep it or not?

  1. Hello
    Initially I wanna buy an orange oversized muse but I found it not that comfortable on wearing on my shoulder and keep falling. I don't know why but maybe my shoulder is not skinny enough. Also, I'm only 5'4 and oversize looks too large for me unless with high heels.
    So, I grabbed a large white rive gauche :yahoo: home but DH said it'll get it dirty easily and should return it. :crybaby:

    However, I got tons of black bags and not love the brown one. There's beige and sage but white is the most eye-catching. What should I do? Will white get stained easily? I've read before some people suggest putting leather protector on the bag before using, any recommendations?
    Thanks.. ;)
  2. Someone on here had a lovely forest green Rive Gauche. It was gorgeous. Try and search for that one and see if you like it better. I hate to agree with your DH, but I think he might be right. It could get dirty.
  3. yeppers, i agree, you should try to get one in another color :tender:
  4. Do you have any photos? This is the the white Rive Gauche is one I am absolutely in LOVE with!

    Anyway, If it's going to take a lot of abuse, get it in another color... though if this is your only white/ivory bag, it may be worth keeping.
  5. Beautiful! I love it in white :smile:
  6. OMG, I love this bag in choc color.
  7. I'm in love in white... keep it
  8. I love and can't resist buying white/ivory bags for myself.

    I'm not familar with the leather of Rive Gauche though, you might want to ask a YSL boutique about it. The buffalo leather used on the Muse is very durable, it seems like it's coated so a light colored bag is manageable.
  9. gals, i've got the YSL rive gauche in chocolate & the leather is totally different from the muse :yes:...it's softer & lighter, smooshier & not as structured...it's also probably more prone to scratches & things like that, but i wouldn't trade it for anything :tender:...below is a photo of mine!!!