white lambskin?

  1. I've heard so many people here avoiding white lambskin. Is it THAT hard to take care of?? I have a soft spot for white..and lambskin looks so much better than the caviar.

    I was hoping to get a white lambskin classic flap. Is there such a thing? does anyone own one?...and well...how dirty does it get and can I clean it?

    Sorry for the many questions!
  2. yes there is such thing hehe....try our referance library. Lambskin is very very easily scratched and I would not use it as an everyday bag.
  3. I've been haunting that section..couldnt find white lambskin pics.

    are the scratches noticeable?
  4. I can't answer that for you b/c I don't know from personal experience. I got caviar b/c it practically takes care of itself. I have heard that even a fingernail can scratch lambskin. yikes! But if you are careful with it then I would go for it. Try doing a search on white lambskin and something should come up. Or maybe just a search on lambskin.