white lambskin leather

  1. i'm on the verge of buying a white lambskin classic flap. does anyone have a white lambskin bag? does it get dirty really easy?
  2. swee7, I've used mine atleast 10-20 times since I've gotten it, and it still hasn't gotten dirty or faded at all, but I think the general concensus is that the lambskin gets dirty easily
  3. i have a white calfskin and i find it shows dirt, but its like any white bag that isn't vinyl coated, or anything white for that matter...you just have to use it with extra care...not that you wouldn't anyways b/c its a chanel and we all tend to treat expensive bags with a little extra care...(io'd like to think?)

    white calfskin is a luxury...its gorgeous!
  4. i saw this white one on ebay & i fell in love. but i would worry about the color transfering. i would hate to ruin such a pretty purse
  5. remember don't usually use and place your the white lamskin under sun light, it is easy turn in yellow color.
  6. thanks =)