White lambskin dilemma!

  1. Hi, i was thinking of buying a white E/W flap in CAVIAR leather with the new chain but was told that that NM only has it in lambskin. I don't carry much to work - all I need is my wallet, phone and car keys - so I was thinking of getting this bag as an everyday bag. Do you think white lambskin is wise to use everyday, because i'm REALLY scared of getting it stained!

    My reason for getting it now is to beat the price increase. Should i get the lambskin anyway or should i hunt around for caviar which is really what i want? I hear that the price increase has already happened everywhere else except NM so is there even a point in hunting around?

    Also, does anyone know how much the price increase will be for the E/W bags?
  2. White lambskin will be so hard to keep in pristine condition. I would get the caviar for sure especially if it is white.
  3. lambskin feels so luxurious, but personally i wouldn't use a white lambskin flap as an everyday bag. i'd be too worried about not getting the bag dirty, etc...
  4. I have a dark white (also called cream, offwhite, etc) medium flap in lambskin. I like this flap a lot, but I won't use it as an everyday bag and have only used it as an evening bag for a few times. For everyday bag, I would recommend caviar instead.
  5. Yes, I think white is one of the few colours that just has to be Caviar. You just would never enjoy using it otherwise. I adore lambskin, but definiately not in the white lol ;)
  6. Totally agree with what's been said. White lamb is so gorgeous but it's going to be so hard to keep looking pristine. Go for the caviar. You can use baby wipes to clean it.

    I am waiting to receive a beige lamb e/w from NM. As of Thursday, they were still the old price but was told the new ones are going to be between 15 to 22 percent more. (choke)
  7. I have taken out my white lambskin Jumbo out several times now and it still looks like the day that I got it. No stains, scratches or anything, it can take alot. But mine is the "older" lambskin, which seems to be sturdier and more scratch resistant than nowadays lambskin.

    And not to mention all the compliments that I get when I take her out. :biggrin: I love lambskin, nothing beats the look and feel of lambskin IMO. But I wouldn't use it as an everyday bag and since you really want the caviar, I would try to track one down.
  8. if i would get a white classic, i would get the caviar one