White Kelly

  1. Its most likely togo and appears to be 32 cm.

    You would have to wait for Podium (which happens in February and August) for an order to be placed unless you SA offers to put in a special order for you at another time. SOs are usually reserved for establish clients.
  2. Thanks, Quinn's Mom. There's so much to learn about Hermes. I'll read up on older threads to find out about Podium and SOs. Oh, do you think the bag is rigide or the soft type?
  3. You're welcome! It is retourne ( soft or souple).
  4. I think either Mighty Kismet, CDL, Luxwear, or Sandia had this bag not too long ago on eBay....not sure if it was the same size, but it was definitely white with red.

    ----which leather and which red, I cannot say, but it was a reputable seller of H known by this forum!

    I am not sure if the bag sold, but it would be worth a check with these nice folks if you are really smitten.

    Good luck!