White Kelly Pouchette birdy w/PH hardware

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  1. Dear Ladies:

    Still on my ban and got a call again.... :confused1:

    SA has WHITE KELLY POUCHETTE in OST with PH hardware.

    Cost; USD6900.00.

    Pm me if you want the SA info....
  2. WOW!!!! That has got to be gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Morganng, I admire your self-restraint! I'm so tempted, but I just blew my H budget this month already...and it's only the beginning of April!
  4. MORGANNG, you are such a sweetheart! Are you sure you can't get out of your ban soon?? :graucho: Thank you so much for always offering your help!
  5. Dear Ladies:

    I've got ban for a reason...:shame: When you have 4 closet full of bags and cloth and not an inch more to squeeze in Dh/2Ds' cloth, the 3 men (actual 1 man + 2 boys) have to hang their cloth in the guess closet, I have no ground but to obey to the ban.....:crybaby:

    This weekend, for sure, I am going to move my bud and do some cleaning and possibly send some never been love bags to 'loving homes' then I'll have more space and reasons to :boxing:against my ban!!!
  6. WOW - I've never even seen white ostrich. Sounds intruiging :graucho:

    Morganng - good luck with your clean-out. Make lots of space for more H :nuts:
  7. Morgan you always share such great info!!! You are so kind!!! This sounds stunning :drool:
  8. OMG Not again!!! I love ostrich in white! :girlsigh: I must restrain myself...but can I?
  9. Morgan, your SA is torturing you!!!!!
  10. Morgan, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Seriously thinking about it, Ms. MORGANNG!! Can you pm me please? Your box is full!!
  12. Oooh, I hope you get this bag - the white/PHW combo sounds divine - and in ostrich!! :girlsigh:
  13. I would LOVE a KP in Ostrich...:heart: and the white sounds beautiful. I have never seen Ostrich in white.
  14. Wow! I wish I had the funds to finance this right now, but alas, I do not. Thank you for putting the offer out there, and good luck to whomever can snap this beauty up.

    White + ostrich + pochette = TDF.
  15. You're such a generous Sweetie!